Stress or Anxiety

“Stress is nothing more than a socially acceptable form of mental illness”

Richard Carlson

Stress has never been so endemic throughout our society than the present day.

These high levels of stress and the impact that it has on ones personal health, relationships, families and general well-being can’t be overly stated. Furthermore, the cost to the economy in terms of lost productivity and the impact on our healthcare system is one of the biggest challenges facing our society today.

What I am sharing with this new psychological understanding of the mind is that stress in modern society is totally misunderstood and the current theories and strategies that attempt to solve, limit or ease stress are but in essence, a sticky plaster. The horse has in effect already bolted.

In short, the symptoms of stress are currently trying to be managed or altered whilst the underline psychological principles that in effect make us ‘feel’ stressed, have not been widely uncovered or understood. Until now.