Low Moods or Depression

“This too shall pass”

Most grandparents, one time or another.

Over the last decade or two we have been flooded with messages from all sorts of sources that being in a low mood or having feelings of depression are in someway abnormal or wrong.  We have been led to believe that these low moods need to be managed, explored, analysed or even medicated and that basically these feelings have to ‘dealt-with’ in some way.

This has much to do with the society, corporations and culture in which we now live and are exposed to 24/7.  What I am advocating is that this ‘analysis’ is not necessary and is not the answer to our wellbeing.  What I share is a completely different approach and understanding.

What this new solution offers is for you to discover how the mind ‘truly’ works and that all our experiences, moods (high and low) and emotions are directly related to are thinking, 100% of the time.

When you see this for yourself, those feelings of low moods or depression just do not have the same meaning or impact that we often falsely believe that they have.

By understanding the ‘three psychological principles’ and that all our experiences are created from the ‘inside-out’, not the ‘outside-in’, allows us to more gracefully and easily to ride those waves of ‘natural’ feelings/emotions and just see them for what they are.